May 9, 2014 Visit to Iron Mountain Underground Disaster Recovery Facility(Boyers)


January 10, 2014 Public Safety Response to Active Shooter Situation

Stephen Mescan, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police (Special Operations)


November 15, 2013 Modernizing Disaster Recovery

Jay Gildenmeister and John Haight, Commvault


May 17, 2013 Conducting a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

Ed Siwiec, Willis Group


March 8, 2013 Working with Print and Broadcast Media During a Crisis

Oliver Schmidt, C4CS (click here for slides)


January 11, 2013 Forum: Resilience of Utilities Services


November 9, 2012 Get Your Head Out of the Clouds (Before You Get Into the Cloud)

AT&T and SunGard (click here for slides)


September 14, 2012 Managing Operational Resilience

Sam Merrell, CERT, SEI, CMU (slides from this meeting)


May 11, 2012 Mobile Recovery Strategies – Lessons Learned

Walt Thomasson, Rentsys(slides from this meeting)


March 16, 2012 Demonstration of Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS)


January 27, 2012 Emergency Distribution of Medication (using PODS)

Tom Mangan, Allegheny County Health Dept (click here for slides)


November 18, 2011 The Red Cross Ready Rating Program

Victor Roosen, SWPA Red Cross (click here for slides)


September 9, 2011 Pittsburgh Regional Business Credential

(click here for slides)